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Future Microbiome 2023

  • Mon, June 26, 2023
  • Tue, June 27, 2023
  • Boston, MA


Exclusive Forum for Microbiome Research and Innovations



Welcome to Future Microbiome 2023 where global biotech and pharmaceutical companies will meet with leading microbiome experts and researchers in Boston, Massachusetts, to explore the latest developments in the commercialization of microbiome-based diagnostics and therapeutics.






how the latest mapping and profiling technologies can be used to manipulate the microbiome for preventing and curing diseases through the development of new therapies.





the key regulatory and commercial considerations for approval and acceptance of microbiome-based therapeutics to treat diseases.






the microbiota “signature” and how to use it as a biomarker to predict and treat human diseases.




speaker heading


Tsute Chen

The Forsyth Institute


Larry Weiss


Olaf Larsen

Yakult Nederland B.V.

Alex Dajkovic

Design Pharmaceuticals

Alex Buko

Human Metabolome Technologies

Allison Garlet


Cheri Ackerman

Concerto Biosciences

Barbara McGovern

Seres Therapeutics

Emily Stein

Primal Therapies Inc.

Sam Possemiers

MRM Health

Kamlesh Oza

Evonik Corporation

Nathan Price

Thorne HealthTech

Ulf Åkerström


Hasan Nur


speaker heading


The Future Microbiome 2023 conference is seeking presentations that broadly focus on the following key topics:

  • The human microbiome as a source of therapeutics and diagnostics
  • New techniques to identify interactions between microbiota and diseases
  • Key technologies for the discovery of microbiome-based medicines
  • Latest research and developments in skin, gut, and oral microbiome
  • How to overcome barriers in the adoption of microbiome-based therapies
  • Advances in microbiome commercialization and the latest therapeutic trends


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