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Only ADDC Members may add Partnerships to our website.  However, anyone may view the partnership listings, as this page is publicly available.

You may subscribe to this forum or to individual topics (partnerships) so you will receive email notifications of updates. Email notifications will not include any files attached to forum posts.  After receiving the notification, a member can visit the Partnerships page to view the new post.  Partnerships will be listed until the original submitter removes them, or we receive a written request to do so.

To add a Partnership, click the "Create Topic" button below, then enter a brief description of the partnership, including contact details, links and attachments (optional). Click "Create" when done to publish.  

You may edit your post afterwards if you need to make any minor changes or corrections.  Please note: If you make major changes to your listing, you may want to use the "Reply" feature afterwards to inform all subscribers of the changes.



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