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Laboratory Supplies

Description: Agilent's Life Sciences and Chemical Analysis (LSCA) Group is a leading supplier of instruments, supplies, software and services to the life science and chemical analysis markets.

Agilent Technologies offers a broad range of instruments, laboratory supplies/consumables, and computer-based laboratory systems for life sciences and analytical chemistry research. They include DNA microarrays, microarray scanners, software, and reagents; microfluidic-based sample analysis systems; LC systems, columns and components; capillary electrophoresis systems; purification systems; protein identification systems; mass-spectrometry systems including ICP-MS, GC/MS and LC/MS; gas chromatographs supported by GC detectors; injection systems; sample-handling systems and columns; automated sample-preparation systems; laboratory-computing and data networking systems. Agilent also offers multi-vendor compliance services for pharmaceuticals.

City: Palo Alto

State: California

Contact Person: Nigel Skinner

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