Addressing Irreproducibility in Target Validation

23 October, 2014 - 23 October, 2014

Description: Slide presentations from the conference are now available in our Education Section.  Click here to view presentations

Read the recent article in Nature Review Drug Discovery about the Symposium

The ADDC and the Editors of the Assay Guidance Manual are co-hosting this one-day conference to address a critical and timely topic in preclinical drug discovery which was succinctly stated in a recent article by Drs. Collins and Tabak (NIH): "A growing chorus of concern, from scientists and laypeople, contends that the complex system for ensuring the reproducibility of biomedical research is failing and is in need of restructuring." (Nature 505, 612613 (30 January 2014).

The conference is planned around a series of talks and panels by industry, academia, and government scientists, as well as editors from leading journals, to lend perspective and brainstorm practical solutions. As an open forum it is expected to bring together key biomedical scientists and stake holders as a community with a keen interest in this topic.

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Organizer: ADDC and the Assay Guidance Manual

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