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"AI Ate My Homework" summer lecture series


"AI Ate My Homework" summer lecture series by Cyclica. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and neural networks are all the range in drug discovery.  This playlist includes seven webinars from Cyclica’s summer series, with...

Cyclica, Inc.

Presenter: Cyclica, Inc.

Can we Treat MS?

Current therapies for MS, an autoimmune neuroinflammatory disease, target the immune part of the disease but current drug discovery efforts focus on treating and even reversing progressive disease. Check out the recent discussion on new research and...

Charles River

Presenter: Antti Nurmi, PhD, Director of Science

Reduced Cognitive Flexibility and Altered Metabolic Profile in the Prefrontal Cortex of CVN mice

In this study, the well-characterized Alzheimer's disease CVN mouse model is analyzed for cognitive flexibility using touchscreen testing. The study showed that CVN mice made more errors and needed more correction trials compared to wild-type mice in...

Charles River

Presenter: Maksym Kopanitsa, PhD