University of Pittsburgh Chemical Diversity Center (UPCDC)

Therapeutic Approaches: Small Molecules

Therapeutic Areas of Expertise: Oncology

Center/Program Highlights:

The University of Pittsburgh Chemical Diversity Center (UPCDC) is a member of the NCI Chemical Biology Consortium (CBC). Our Center was established in 2008 and built on the foundation of the University of Pittsburgh Center for Chemical Methodologies and Library Development (UPCMLD, 2002-2013) and the Pittsburgh Molecular Libraries Screening Center (PMLSC, 2005-2008). Our 3 Cores-- Medicinal Chemistry, Computational Chemistry and Informatics, and Synthetic Chemistry-- have experience, instrumentation, original contributions in medicinal chemistry, synthetic methods, computational chemistry/cheminformatics, laboratory automation, library synthesis, natural products chemistry, organic synthesis on milligram-to-multi-gram scales, pharmaceutical properties analysis and optimization, pro-drug design, structure-based drug design, and drug discovery & development. We have experience with hit/scaffold assessment, triage, and optimization; lead optimization for potency, selectivity, and pharmaceutical properties; labelled- and affinity- tagged compound synthesis; photochemistry and flow synthesis; lead structure scale-up; compound profiling, and the development of clinical candidates.

Sources of Funding: Federal/State


Institutional Affiliation(s): University of Pittsburgh

219 Parkman Avenue
Chevron Annex
Pennsylvania, 15260
United States

Center/Program Start Date: 2008

Number of Employees: 10-12