Experimental Therapeutics Center

Therapeutic Approaches: Biologics, Small Molecules, Vaccines, Biomarkers, Antibodies, Gene Therapy, Drug Delivery, Drug Devices, on, Engineered cells, radiopharmaceuticals, Engineered cells, radiopharmaceuticals

Therapeutic Areas of Expertise: Gene-Therapy, Immunology, Oncology, Virology

Center/Program Highlights:

The Experimental Therapeutics Center is a multidisciplinary, multi-departmental program that promotes and facilitates the development of new cancer therapies from the bench to the bedside through the following activities: Administratively and financially supporting the early phase investigations of new agents and diagnostic techniques developed at MSKCC, including biologics, radiopharmaceuticals, and cellular therapies. Coordinating and supporting activities in basic science labs (involved in drug discovery and target identification, mechanism of action and resistance, and structure-function analyses); translational labs and core testing facilities; regulatory bodies (both intramural and extramural); off-site contract research; and clinical teams. Improving how new agents are transferred from early phases into the clinical program for more advanced development. Helping to supervise and support new and existing core laboratories critical to the mission of the Experimental Therapeutics Center. Assisting in the appropriate handling of therapy-related intellectual property to expedite development and maximize value of Sloan-Kettering Institute discoveries via interactions between Memorial Sloan-Kettering drug development efforts and pharmaceutical or biotechnology concerns. Multiple agents have now been FDA approved for marketing as anticancer agents and a large pipeline of new agents is in the process of development from concept to phase II clinical trials.

Sources of Funding: Philanthropy, Industry Partnerships, Disease Foundations, University, Federal/State,


Institutional Affiliation(s): Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

1275 York Avenue
Box 115
New York
New York, 10065
United States

Center/Program Start Date: 2002

Number of Employees: 200