Board of Directors

Michelle Arkin

Michelle Arkin, PhD

University of California, San Francisco
Professor, Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Co-director, Small Molecule Discovery Center
School of Pharmacy

Nicholas Cosford

Nicholas Cosford, PhD

Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
Deputy Director, NCI-Designated Cancer Center
Professor, Cancer Metabolism and Signaling Networks Program

Matthew Hartman

Matthew Hartman, JD, MBA

Associate Director, Legal Operations
Horizon Therapeutics

Colleen Niswender

Colleen Niswender, PhD

Vanderbilt University
Research Professor of Pharmacology; Director of Molecular Pharmacology, Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery

Keith Marmer

Keith Marmer, MBA, MPT

Chief Innovation & Economic Engagement Officer

University of Utah



Annastasiah Mudiwa Mhaka, PhD

Chair, IMPACT Database Project

Founder, Mawambo

Co-Founder and Former President, Alliance for AI in Healthcare (AAIH)

Chengxue Helena Qin, PhD

Senior Research Fellow

Drug Discovery Biology

Victoria Heart Institute

Monash University


Paige Vinson, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Pharmacology

Vanderbilt University




Karen Gottlieb

Karen Gottlieb, CMP

Administrative Manager
TLC Events Group, Inc.






 Founding Members

Cheryl Arrowsmith

Cheryl Arrowsmith, PhD

University of Toronto
Professor, Medical Biophysics
Chief Scientist, Structural Genomics Consortium
Senior Scientist, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Jeff Conn

P. Jeffrey Conn, PhD

Vanderbilt University

Professor of Pharmacology
Lee E. Limbird Chair in Pharmacology
Director, Warren Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery

Stephen Frye

Stephen Frye, PhD

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Fred Eshelman Distinguished Professor, Ctr for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
Co-Program Leader, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

Marcie Glicksman

Marcie Glicksman, PhD

EnClear Therapies

Head of Biology

Barbara Slusher

Barbara Slusher, PhD

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Professor of Neurology, Pharmacology, Psychiatry, Neuroscience, Medicine, and Oncology
Director, Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery