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Pre-Clinical( DMPK)

Description: XenoTech is dedicated to providing the highest quality in vitro drug metabolism and drug-drug interaction studies to pharmaceutical and chemical companies worldwide. Through our focus on scientific expertise and commitment to our customers, we have earned our reputation as a trusted drug development partner. XenoTech provides unparalleled scientific experience and expertise in evaluating drug candidates as substrates, inhibitors, and inducers of drug-metabolizing enzymes.

XenoTech began as a pioneer in P450 research and has grown into an innovator of preclinical in vitro studies covering a variety of enzymes implicated in drug-drug interactions. As more is understood about how these enzymes and transporters function, it is clear that a comprehensive strategy to drug development is the most efficient approach.

We help customers understand the potential safety issues with their compound, and recommend follow-up actions to develop a drug that is safe in humans. XenoTechs metabolite identification studies can identify the most relevant tox species for your non-clinical studies, and our comprehensive approach to enzyme inhibition uncovers metabolism-based inhibition that may warrant further tox investigations. Our pre-clinical services have helped customers around the globe advance the development of safer drugs since 1994.

Because of XenoTechs extensive experience, including seeing thousands of compounds under late-stage development, we can advise clients about a compounds victim / perpetrator potential and make recommendations for further studies on each compound. XenoTechs goal is to deliver the highest quality information about a compound and to support a successful IND submission.

XenoTech has become an industry leading CRO in many of its services due to unsurpassed quality, communication and expertise. Our customers have the advantage of a large arsenal of validated in vitro studies for both GLP and non-GLP requests including:

CYP and UGT Enzyme Inhibition (with follow-up mechanistic investigations)
Screening Studies
In vitro and ex-vivo Enzyme Induction
Reaction Phenotyping (Enzyme Mapping)
Species Comparison
Metabolic Stability
Metabolite Identification / Reactive Metabolites
Hepatotoxicity assessment
Transporter Studies
In Vivo ADME Services

XenoTech can also leverage the experience and resources of our parent company, Sekisui Medical, whose ADME-Tox Research Institute performs a number of in vitro and in vivo investigations such as:

DMPK and Tox Investigations in humanized mice
Gene expression changes / histology
Toxicokinetics to estimate systemic exposure
GLP bioanalytical services
Radiolabeled synthesis
Quantitative Whole Body Autoradiography (QWBA)
Protein binding

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