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Addressing Irreproducibility Presentations: Trust but Verify: Flagging and curating chemical and biological errors in bioactivity databases

Denis Fourches was a presenter at the ADDC/AGM Symposium Addressing Irreproducibility in Target Validation. Denis was addressing the Academic and Industrial Drug Discovery Experience and Solutions in this ongoing issue. Denis Fourches is a Research A...


Laboratory for Molecular Modeling


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Presenter: Denis Fourches

Addressing Irreproducibility Presentations: Welcome and Outline of the Day

 Barbara Slusher and Sitta Sittampalam were the opening presenters at the ADDC/AGM Symposium Addressing Irreproducibility in Target Validation. They offered background on both the ADDC and the Assay Guidance Manual as well as meeting objectives ...


Academic Drug Discovery Consortium/ Assay Guidace Manual


Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute/ NCATS


Presenter: Barbara Slusher & G. Sitta Sittampalam

Alternative Approaches To Lead Generation

Historically, drug discovery was chiefly an empirical enterprise, with the shift to a more hypothesis-driven approach occurring in the 20th century. Whereas originally drug discovery was focused primarily on identifying therapeutically useful agents...



University of Kansas Medical Center


Presenter: S.J. Enna, Ph.D.

Assay Guidance Manual

The collection of chapters in this eBook is written to provide guidance to investigators who are interested in developing assays useful for the evaluation of collections of molecules to identify probes that modulate the activity of biological t...


collaboration among group of editors and writers




Presenter: Sittampalam GS, Gal-Edd N, Arkin M, Auld D, Austin C, Bejcek B, Glicksman M, Inglese J, Lemmon V, Li Z, McGee J, McManus O, Minor L, Napper A, Riss T, Trask OJ , Weidner J, editors.

Big data in drug safety

Safety and efficacy information on drugs shall be communicated to all stakeholders, including physicians, patients, insurers and investors, in a format that allows objective assessment of real value of the intervention compared to other treatments. B...





Presenter: Veronika Valdova

Biopharmaceutical Development and QA/QC

This collection of biopharmaceutical applications will help you find the right solution for your analytical needs.



Agilent Technologies


Presenter: Agilent Technologies

Case Study: The Discovery of Telaprevir (VX-950, IncivekĀ®) for the treatment of Hepatitis C

This Case study shows the drug discovery process of Telaprevir for Hepatitis. IT discusses the background of Hepatitis, and the basic information on Hepatitis C, Preclinical studies, Clinical studies, critical findings, timeline to approval and the f...


Brain Science Institute NeuroTranslational Drug Discovery Program


Johns Hopkins University


Presenter: Dana Ferraris, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Changing Landscape of Drug Discovery in Industry Settings

This lecture entitled “Changing Landscape of Drug Discovery in Industry Settings” introduces the drug discovery and development process to a class focused on a range of topics related to discovery and development of new therapeutic agents and dev...


Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery


Vanderbilt University


Presenter: P. Jeffrey Conn

CNS Medicinal Chemistry: Introduction and a Case Study – GlyT1

This lecture will provide an overview of the drug discovery process with specific attention being paid to the role of medicinal chemistry, and key issues for the CNS disease-focused medicinal chemist (Lipinskis rules, CNS penetration, transporter as...


Vanderbilt Specialized Chemistry Center (MLPCN)


Vanderbilt University


Presenter: Craig W. Lindsley

Compliance for Biopharmaceutical Laboratories

This primer is intended to introduce FDA and equivalent international requirements. The primer will also give strategies and specific recommendations for regulated laboratories on how to implement the requirements in the most cost effective way.



Agilent Technologies


Presenter: Agilent Technologies