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Case Study: The Discovery of Telaprevir (VX-950, IncivekĀ®) for the treatment of Hepatitis C

This Case study shows the drug discovery process of Telaprevir for Hepatitis. IT discusses the background of Hepatitis, and the basic information on Hepatitis C, Preclinical studies, Clinical studies, critical findings, timeline to approval and the f...


Brain Science Institute NeuroTranslational Drug Discovery Program


Johns Hopkins University


Presenter: Dana Ferraris, Ph.D., M.B.A.

CNS Medicinal Chemistry: Introduction and a Case Study – GlyT1

This lecture will provide an overview of the drug discovery process with specific attention being paid to the role of medicinal chemistry, and key issues for the CNS disease-focused medicinal chemist (Lipinskis rules, CNS penetration, transporter as...


Vanderbilt Specialized Chemistry Center (MLPCN)


Vanderbilt University


Presenter: Craig W. Lindsley

First-In-Man - risk assessment

The example of TeGenero first-in-man case study was used to explore the usability of systems theoretic accident modeling and processes (STAMP) to create control structure of selected critical points in drug development, approval and commercialization...





Presenter: Veronika Valdova